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Q&A on Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization elections

Kirkwood and East Lake

Q&A on Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization elections

The Kirkwood Neighbors' Organization board will hold elections on Oct. 10. File photo by Dan Whisenhunt
The Kirkwood Neighbors' Organization board will hold elections on Oct. 10. File photo by Dan Whisenhunt

The Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization board will hold elections on Oct. 10. File photo by Dan Whisenhunt

The Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization meets tomorrow and it will be the last meeting where Jeffery Childers will preside as president.

There will be elections for new board members, and Childers has already served two terms. Decaturish asked him about how the elections process works and for his thoughts about stepping down as president.

Q: What is the term limit to serve on KNO?

There is currently a two term limit to serve in one position.

Q: Can you serve in multiple, non-consecutive terms?

The bylaws don’t say anything against it so yes.

Q: How long are the terms?

A term is one year.

Q: What are the qualifications?

Has to have attended 4 meetings in the previous 12 KNO meetings and a paid member.

Q: Who can vote on nominations?

A paid member that has attended at least one meeting in the previous 10 KNO meetings.

Q: What is the description of each available job?

A. President – The President shall preside over all Monthly and Special Meetings and perform all administrative duties as required by the office including preparing an agenda for Monthly Meetings. The President shall act as “Spokesperson” for KNO in all matters pertaining to its business but should not commit KNO to any business or express any viewpoint for KNO that has not first been approved by the KNO membership. The President shall be authorized to disburse funds.

B. Vice President – The Vice President shall preside over the standing committees, assist the President, act for the President when the President is unable to serve and assume all duties as agreed upon.

C. Secretary – The Secretary shall be the custodian of all records except such as specifically assigned in these bylaws to others. The Secretary shall take and report to the KNO membership minutes of all Monthly Meetings, Special Meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors. The Secretary shall keep an attendance list of each meeting and may also assist the President with correspondence. The Secretary shall coordinate and prepare an annual activity report.

D. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall keep all financial records and supporting documents of all income and expenses for KNO and provide an updated financial statement at each Monthly Meeting. The Treasurer shall be authorized to receive monies and sign disbursements for KNO. The Treasurer shall be responsible for insuring that all disbursements have had prior approval by the Membership if the disbursement exceeds $100.00, except in the case of emergency (any act which might compromise the official standing of KNO or danger to life or property). The Treasurer shall prepare an annual financial report. The Treasurer shall keep and maintain an accurate and ongoing record of the KNO’s financial transactions on financial or bookkeeping software purchased by KNO.

Q: What positions are coming open this week?

All four.

Q: If you’ve served in one role, can you serve on the board in another role?


Q: Have you enjoyed your time as KNO pres? Will you miss? What won’t you miss?

Yes, I’ve enjoyed my time as President. It has made me feel much closer to the community and our needs. I will miss assisting in helping to make KNO a better organization for its residents. I will not miss the tough zoning decisions because you can’t make everyone happy.

The KNO meets on Friday, Oct. 10, at 7 pm at Turner Monumental AME Church, located at 66 Howard Street Northeast, Atlanta, 30317