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Decaturish cutting subscription price in half

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Decaturish cutting subscription price in half

Your support helps Decaturish.com provide news to your community for free.

For the last few months we’ve been asking our regular readers to help us to continue to provide local news by becoming paid subscribers.

So far we’ve picked up 35 subscribers at a rate of $12.99 per month. That rate is comparable to what the AJC charges for its paid content and something I felt the market could support. I encouraged folks who could not afford it to consider helping us in other ways by sharing our content, supporting our advertisers, etc. Then I got this email over the weekend:

Dan, I so much appreciate your hard work keeping us informed about our neighborhoods and would like to contribute a monthly sum.  At the risk of insulting you, I am wondering if you would accept less than $12.99?  I am retired and really can’t afford more than $6 a month. I’ve been considering this for some time.  Decided it was time just to ask directly.  I would like to send you $6 monthly issuing you a check from my bank on a regular, monthly basis.

That email resonated with me. I had simply overlooked the large population of our seniors who live on a fixed income and would like to support us, but can’t. Also, $6 is the rate most people who have contacted me would be willing to pay. That’s why effective today I am cutting our subscription price in half, to $6 per month. 

If you’re a current subscriber, you should have received an email explaining how to cancel your current subscription and resubscribe at the lower rate. If you didn’t, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to get that taken care of for you. A few of you have already told me you’d like to stay on at the $12.99 rate. Thank you so much for continuing to support Decaturish at that level.

I hope this will be a better option for everyone, particularly those of you who told me you’d love to help but just couldn’t afford the $12.99 per month. I’ve listened and have adjusted my subscription rate accordingly.

Your support will help us provide coverage of our area and information about important topics like annexation. You’re also helping us keep the news free for everyone instead of sticking it behind a pay wall.

I’m still setting a goal of getting 150 paid subscribers by the end of the year. I hope our new $6 rate will make that goal more achievable. If the $12.99 price was a deal breaker before, I hope you’ll reconsider. Thank you.

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