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East Lake man reports goat slaying

Kirkwood and East Lake Metro ATL

East Lake man reports goat slaying

An Atlanta Police vehicle. Source: Wikimedia Commons

An Atlanta Police vehicle. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Atlanta Police responded to a bizarre and disturbing call in East Lake this week.

According to a police report, on Wednesday a morning, Nov. 12, an officer went to the home of a man living on the 2700 block of Tupelo Street.

The man told police he’d discovered four of his pets – three goats, one chicken – “lying dead on the ground.”

“(He) stated that all his animals were found with blood all over their body and also have some visible open wounds … and scratches near their necks and body,” the police report says. “(He) stated that they were laying away from each other. (He) said that due to more of his chickens … making contact with the dead animals, he went and relocated the dead bodies inside his warehouse shed.”

The officer looked around but didn’t see any signs of forced entry. The man’s yard is surrounded by a 6 feet high wooden fence.

“I was not able to determine due to the amount of blood (on) the animals if they were shot … or if the wounds were inflicted with a knife or a sharp object,” the officer wrote. “No witness was contacted for this incident. No video surveillance cameras were available at this location.”

DeKalb County Animal Control declined to investigate, the report says.

“DeKalb Animal Control also advised that since there is no witness contacted for this incident they will not be able to conduct any further investigation,” the report says. “DeKalb Animal Control advised that they will contact a private agency to have the deceased animals removed if the owner agreed.”