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Grindhouse shoots for summer opening

Decatur Metro ATL

Grindhouse shoots for summer opening

Photo obtained via https://www.facebook.com/grindhousekillerburgers

Photo obtained via https://www.facebook.com/grindhousekillerburgers

The owner of Grindhouse Killer Burgers is hoping to start serving Decatur residents by this summer.

Alex Brounstein appeared before the Decatur City Commission on Monday, Nov. 17, seeking a zoning variance for 433 North McDonough Street, the future location of the restaurant. The restaurant is located in a Special Pedestrian Area and is subject to certain requirements. But Brounstein to waive one of them and keep two curb cuts for two one-way driveways.

Grindhouse has four locations, including an Athens store that opened last year. Brounstein said that store only has one driveway and it’s caused some problems.

“People pull in and they find the parking lot is full,” Brounstein told City Commissioners. “It’s caused several accidents.”

Decatur City Planning Director Amanda Thompson said that normally the company would have to pay for sidewalks, trees and lighting for this kind of project. The location in question is slated for a major streetscape improvement and the city is waiving those requirements because ultimately, it would be a waste of money. The company is purchasing four street lights as part of its compromise with the city.

Assistant City Manager Hugh Saxon told commissioners, “The fact they’re contributing the four lights is a pretty good contribution.”

“The lights are really one of the most expensive things we put into the streetscape,” he said.

Brounstein told Decaturish that with this hurdle out of the way, he will begin applying for the other permits he needs to get started, which could take about six months.

Grindhouse has been open since 2009 and its first location was the Sweet Auburn Curb Market in Atlanta. It’s known for good, modestly-priced burgers and boozy milkshakes.