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New restaurant will have soul, with a twist


New restaurant will have soul, with a twist

Deborah VanTrece. Photo obtained via LinkedIN

Deborah VanTrece. Photo obtained via LinkedIN

It wasn’t too long after MARBAR in Decatur called it quits that rumors began circulating about a new restaurant moving into the space.

Earlier this week Atlanta Magazine reported that Deborah VanTrece, a local chef best known as the entrepreneur behind the Edible Art Cafe, will turn the space into a soul food restaurant. It will be her first foray into running a restaurant since Edible Art closed in 2002.

VanTrece said her restaurant will be called Twisted Soul and she hopes it will open in early December. She doesn’t plan any major changes to the space, and it will look similar to the way MARBAR left it.

“I like the feel of the space,” VanTrece told Decaturish. “I love the openness of it. I like the exposed brick wall. It has a comfort to it. It’s a chic space, a very urban space, not too glitzy. I like that natural feel.”

Since closing Edible Art in 2002, VanTrece has operated her own catering company.

So why the long wait between restaurants?

VanTrece said she never stopped cooking after Edible Art closed and the catering company fit her busy schedule at the time.

“At that point my daughter was young,” she said. “With catering I had a little bit more control of my hours. She’s grown now. She’s grown into a beautiful young lady.”

She said the concept for Twisted Soul has, “been in my head and I can get it out of my head.”

VanTrece said the restaurant will feature “soul food” inspired by kitchens around the world.

“It comes from a different place,” she said. “It reflects my life. I was previously a flight attendant. My husband played basketball. I spent time in Israel. I got to meet people in their culture and eat in their home. It’s comfort food that I’ve been taught from people I’ve been met.”

Some of her upcoming menu items include chicken wings with coconut gravy, which she said is “something I fell in love with.” There will also be a grilled jerk duck with creamy coconut rice and peas and curry cauliflower. Then there’s the country-fried hanger steak with truffle oil.

Don’t forget dessert, which will include Ivy’s Heavenly Peach Cobbler.

The cobbler gets high praise from VanTrece. She called it, “The best I have ever had in life.”

And yes, there will be cocktails. Did you know there’s such a thing as sweet potato vodka? You will after you visit Twisted Soul. Other cocktails will involve moonshine, bourbon and there will be craft beers on hand.

“I want to initially just do dinner,” VanTrece said. “We’ll be closed on Monday. At some point … I’d like to add brunch on Saturday and Sunday.”