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Photos – A very Avondale Estates Christmas

Avondale Estates Decatur

Photos – A very Avondale Estates Christmas

Photo from the 2014 Avondale Estates Christmas tree lighting.

Avondale Estates officially rang in the Christmas season on Dec. 1 with its annual Christmas Tree Lighting at the corner of Clarendon Avenue and South Avondale Road. 

Judging from the photos provided by the city, it was a very Dickensian affair with carolers wearing top hats and scarves. But the town is meant to mimic Stratford Upon Avon, after all, so giving another nod to British literature makes sense. Also, Santa threw candy from a fire truck, because that’s just how he rolls.

An important note about style: Avondale Estates calls it a Christmas tree and not a “holiday tree.” The word Christmas appears throughout the city’s holy jolly press releases and flyers.

According to the city, “Boy Scout Troop 6 gave away cookies and collected items for Decatur-area Emergency Assistance Ministry, and Girl Scout Troop 24433 sold homemade chili. The Avondale Estates First Baptist Church and the Avondale Children’s Choir sang Christmas carols, Santa rode through town, and cider and donuts were served.”

And a good time was had by all …