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Report: Suspected serial killer showed remorse for Decatur murder

Decatur Metro ATL

Report: Suspected serial killer showed remorse for Decatur murder

Aeman Lovel Presley. Photo provided by Atlanta INtown
Aeman Lovel Presley. Photo provided by Atlanta INtown

Aeman Lovel Presley. Photo provided by Atlanta INtown

Aeman Lovel Presley stands accused of killing at least four people, but detectives say there’s only one murder he regrets, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The AJC reports that Presley waived his preliminary hearing on Tuesday, Jan. 6. Police say he’s a serial killer. One of his alleged victims, Karen Pearce who was murdered in downtown Decatur on Dec. 6. The death of the stylist from Smyrna was linked to the murders of three homeless men, Dorian Jenkins, on Nov. 23, Tommy Mims, on Nov. 26, and Calvin Gholston, on Sept. 27.

According to the AJC story, detectives told one of Pearce’s friends that he only expressed regret about Pearce’s murder. To read the full story, click here. Investigators say that Presley confessed to the murder of Pearce after investigators read him his rights. He gave investigators details that hadn’t been shared with anyone, not even family members, including where to find Pearce’s wallet.

More details about Presley, 34, have emerged since his arrest at a Georgia state MARTA station on Dec. 11.

Atlanta’s 11 Alive reported that Presley’s former pastor said the man’s troubles were apparent early on. He had a combustible relationship with his mother, the pastor told the TV station and he was once arrested for assaulting her. To read that story, click here.

The Newton Citizen spoke with the Rockdale County Sheriff’s office about Presley’s previous run-ins with the law there. In 2002, he threatened his boss at the movie theater where he worked, the newspaper reported. He was arrested for allegedly attacking his mother a few months later, the newspaper reported. To read that story, click here.

Presley eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. His Facebook page contained posts with references to magic and drug use. On Dec. 30, 2013, he made a lengthy post about the nature of good and evil.

“I’m not a Christian. But… Psalm 82 says we are Gods. John 10:34 Jesus said we are Gods. In Genesis the serpent told eve they would be as Gods knowing good and evil. What they may not have known like a lot of people today including Christians is that they were already Gods. And all us Human beings alive today are Gods right now. Knowing both good and evil means we can do whatever we want on Earth. Whether it be good or evil because thats the divine right we were given as Gods of this world. The problem is Man chooses evil or sin in the form of the love of money power fame fortune and control over other people threw fear rather it be the super rich or poor tryin to get it. Which is the only thing stoping us from having complete peace on Earth as our creator intended it to be for us. We have all been a part of this in great and small ways. Only Mankind can save Mankind. I dont claim nothin. Im a child of the light. For all yall in religion. Waiting on yall saviors and Gods to return. Keep waiting. Go outside and look up at the sky. What will you see??? The sky!!! Now go look in the mirror. There you will see God. Redemption of the Human race will only come threw the Human race. Not Gods and Saviors coming back thousands of years later after all The damage has already been done here on earth. The sad thing is this is the 20 th century on our planet. Much damage has already been done. By us all. We have all hurt ourselves and others or been selfish at times. From the rich to the poor. We each have all the power here. Even so called Satanist or the so called unbelievers like me or people in the Illuminati know this. Even the Government. And some of us use our power. Or sin harder. Or git money. And take advantage while everybody else wait. Even Jesus would agree with this. Live yo life. Git ya money up chase ya dreams. Do what you want long as you aint hurtin yaself or nobody else to bad. Or at all. And remember you gone commit what they call so called sin everyday. Cause we live in a vain selfish world. Where Man is God but we dont do right by ourselves or each other all the time. A man walked up to Jesus and asked him what the greatest commandment was. Jesus said love God and git along wit ya nieghbor. Meaning live and let live. So even tho I aint no so called Christian or claim religion. I got Jesus. And all the rest of them cause I got they teachings understood. Thats what being enlightened and a true child of the Light and quote unquote God means. And thats my so called church for today. LOL. Now excuse me while I go drink and do some more drugs. Lol. Jus kidding. But Im not. Lol. Seriously. May we all be happy.”