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Heliotrope evicted from space in downtown Decatur


Heliotrope evicted from space in downtown Decatur


Heliotrope, a gift shop located in downtown Decatur, closed recently.

Decatur Metro broke the news, and reports that the store has been in the city since 2006.

“It won ‘Best of Atlanta’ back in 2008 for ‘best one-stop gift shop’ and often found unique ways to stand out from the Decatur retail crowd – from being one of the first Decatur shops to stay open late into the evening to organizing regular shopping events with other ‘We-Po’ businesses,” Metro reported.

At the time it wasn’t clear what happened to the business. A message left with the company was not returned. Attempts to reach the company by phone were unsuccessful. The answering machine at the business office makes no mention of the closing, and there are no messages on the company’s Facebook page explaining the closure.

On Feb. 17, we found an eviction notice posted in the store window.


The company appears to be selling products online. On Feb. 16, the company updated its Facebook page and directed people to its online store.