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Inmate bus breaks down on the way to the DeKalb County courthouse

Decatur Metro ATL

Inmate bus breaks down on the way to the DeKalb County courthouse

DeKalb County Georgia. Source: Google Maps.

A reader, Eb Joseph Daniels, set in this query on Tuesday morning, Feb. 10:

I just dropped my little brother off at Renfroe and as I was heading east on College and passed McDonough I saw flashing blue lights. There were two or three police cars that seemed to be stopped on West Trinity right in front of the courthouse and it appeared as though one of those large buses that carry prisoners was also stopped.

As I continued along College a squad of three police cruisers passed me heading west, and then a little while later, another one also passed by heading west.

Wasn’t sure if it was news worthy but wanted to pass it along!

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office says it was indeed a bus that carries inmates. According to Public Information Officer Cynthia Williams:

Due to an unanticipated mechanical problem that caused the shutdown of a Sheriff’s Office inmate transport bus this morning, deputies had to transfer some 40 inmates from one transport bus to another while en route to court in downtown Decatur.  Following protocol, armed deputies from the Field and Court divisions were able to block traffic, create a secure perimeter and make the transfer within 15 minutes without incident or threat to the general public.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for commuters, and we thank you for your patience and cooperation.

And there it is.