Clairmont Heights: Decatur annexation would ‘destroy’ our ability to stay together

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt March 30, 2015
Map provided by the Clairmont Heights Civic Association

Map provided by the Clairmont Heights Civic Association

The Clairmont Heights Civic Association is making an appeal to the Georgia Legislature to block the Decatur annexation proposal unless an Atlanta annexation proposal also moves forward.

CHCA released a statement Monday morning regarding the plans that are being considered in the state Legislature.

“The Clairmont Heights Civic Association (CHCA) Board urges the legislature to allow Atlanta annexation bill, HB6 29, especially if any action is taken on Decatur’s plan during this session,” a statement from CHCA says. “If Decatur’s annexation is allowed to move forward by itself, we fear it will destroy the ability of our neighborhood and others to remain together with our existing school community. Decatur’s attempt to annex the four corners at Clairmont and North Decatur (Area A) is particularly troublesome because it removes the contiguity that would be needed to pursue future annexation plans. By cutting us off at major intersections, the Decatur annexation map prevents Clairmont Heights, Medlock, McLendon, and others from pursuing a mechanism to remain together.”

CHCA says the Atlanta map, which has expanded to include the McLendon area, would keep 67 percent of the student body at Druid Hills High School. The neighborhood says the proposal would take $7.6 million in annual commercial tax money away from the city, while taking in 300 students.

State Rep. Karla Drenner, D-Avondale Estates, has introduced annexation bills on behalf of Decatur for the portions of its annexation map that fall in her district along the eastern border. There aren’t any bills yet that concern annexation area A according to the the General Assembly website.

That bill has passed the House and is being considered in the state Senate. Atlanta’s annexation bill has not passed the House.

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