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Dairy Queen returning to Trinity Triangle

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Dairy Queen returning to Trinity Triangle

An artist's rendering of the Trinity Triangle development. Source: Oakhurst Realty Partners
An artist's rendering of the Trinity Triangle development. Source: Oakhurst Realty Partners

An artist’s rendering of the Trinity Triangle development, which has been rebranded as Arlo. Source: Oakhurst Realty Partners

By Dena Mellick

Good news for Decatur’s Dairy Queen fans — a lease with Dairy Queen is set to be executed within the next two weeks for the Trinity Triangle mixed-use development. That’s according to Kent Collins with Centro Development.

The Dairy Queen, previously located on East Trinity Place, closed in February of 2014. There was some uncertainty initially whether the Momin family would reopen the restaurant in the new development being built in the same location. But last year, officials with the project said Dairy Queen would return. Collins said that is still on track to happen.

While the DQ is a go, Collins said he could not yet confirm other businesses in the mixed-use development, which will include 210 apartments. However, he said the development does have a new name: Arlo. Collins said he would have a new logo and details on how the name was chosen at a later date.

Construction on the Arlo development began last September, following a dispute with DeKalb County over sewer fees that delayed the project.

Decatur Assistant City Manager Lyn Menne told Decaturish, “Everything is moving forward as scheduled with the development. The parking deck structure is being built first and the residential and retail will be built around it. Corporate Dairy Queen did give their approval to the new location so the lease can now move forward as well.”

When asked about an estimated completion date, Collins said, “We should have first units available in early 2016.”


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