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Decatur Police respond to carjacking on East Ponce


Decatur Police respond to carjacking on East Ponce

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt
Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

This story has been updated. 

A woman told police that she and a friend were in a rear parking lot in the 200 block of East Ponce De Leon Avenue around 3:20 Monday morning, standing by the driver’s side door of her vehicle, when a man approached them. He had both hands in his jacket/hoodie pockets, Decatur Police Sgt. Jennifer Ross said.

The man told them, “Step away from the car.” They didn’t, thinking he was joking. He said it again. “Move away from the vehicle. I’m not afraid to shoot!”

The victim told police she thought she saw the handle of a gun sticking out of the jacket pocket. They moved away from the vehicle. The man got into the driver’s seat of the victim’s 2009 Toyota Matrix and fled the parking lot. He was last seen traveling east on Sycamore Street and stopped near the intersection of Sycamore and North Candler. He called out and two more men emerged from somewhere on North Candler Street and climbed into the car. They were last seen turning south on North Candler Street, going the wrong way on the one way street.

The victim told police her phone and backpack were inside the vehicle. She had a tracking feature on her cell phone and it showed the phone traveling south on Candler Road west on I-20. Police later found the vehicle on the 2400 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Southwest Atlanta.

Sgt. Ross provided the following descriptions of the suspects …

Suspect 1: Black male, medium complexion, 18-23 years in age, slender/muscular build, wearing a black or gray hoodie, dark/black jeans, possibly armed with a firearm (type unknown)

Suspect 2: Male (race/ethnicity unknown), slender build, wearing a dark hoodie and dark pants

Suspect 3: male (race/ethnicity unknown), slender build, wearing a dark hoodie and dark pants