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Map connected to Atlanta annexation bill released

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Map connected to Atlanta annexation bill released

The Georgia State Capitol. Photo by Ken Lund, obtained via Wikimedia Commons

The Georgia State Capitol. Photo by Ken Lund, obtained via Wikimedia Commons

This story has been updated.

We are getting a look at the Atlanta annexation map attached to House Bill 586, the annexation bill filed by State Rep. Pat Gardner (D) Atlanta.

In a press release, State Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver, D-Decatur said, “My constituents in the 82nd House district have clearly stated a wish to vote on whether to be annexed into the city of Atlanta. HB 586, local legislation of the Atlanta delegation, will give them a referendum, which will be held in November 2015. If passed and signed by the Governor, all citizens of the proposed annexed area in unincorporated DeKalb can engage in the democratic process through public conversation, asking questions about schools, taxes and services, and decide how they wish to vote.”

The press release also states, “Rep. Oliver is a member of the House Government Affairs Committee, which has voted upon all proposed DeKalb cityhood bills. She has raised objections to the proposed city of LaVista Hills, due to conflicting borders with the proposed annexation into Atlanta. Rep. Oliver represents all neighborhoods affected by the proposed annexation and LaVista Hills legislation.”

“People have a right to decide how they wish to be governed, and I support a referendum for a decision to be made. Any border dispute between LaVista Hills and Atlanta must be resolved to give citizens clear choices,” said Rep. Oliver in the release.

Rep. Oliver provided the map to Decaturish. In an email, she said, “I have been working on this map for awhile with different neighborhood groups and leaders, and the City of Decatur. I am pleased at the interest and engagement by citizens, which means to me that voters will be well informed and know how they want to vote if they have an opportunity to do so in November.”

Thursday evening, Together in Atlanta, a pro-Atlanta annexation group posted the following on its Facebook page:

We are extremely pleased that a bill for a proposed Atlanta annexation has been filed and our communities look forward to the opportunity to vote on whether to formally join the city we consider home, Atlanta. However, we understand that the map released today is a rough map, based only on census tracts, and will be further revised, particularly in the Briar Vista Elementary zone. The BVE borders are being negotiated with LaVista Hills to maintain as much of the current BVE zone as possible, while respecting the desire of the Beth Jacob community to join LaVista Hills. Legislators, volunteers, and the reapportionment office are working diligently to arrive at final borders. Thank you for your patience, and please post or email your thoughts or concerns.

In response to TIA’s statement, Oliver said, “We anticipate making relatively small map adjustments in the next few days, perhaps by early next week.”

HB 586 has to be approved by the Atlanta legislative delegation before going to the Georgia House.

Here is a look at the map.atlanta annex (N. Druid)- map

This story was updated to include Rep. Oliver’s statement about working on the map and Together in Atlanta’s statement.