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Stonecrest City Alliance: Bill not dead

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Stonecrest City Alliance: Bill not dead

From: http://www.stonecrestcityalliance.com/
From: http://www.stonecrestcityalliance.com/

From: http://www.stonecrestcityalliance.com/

The Stonecrest City Alliance said despite reports a bill for the city of Stonecrest was dead, the measure is still moving forward.

The state Senate approved SB 208 on Tuesday in a 45-1 vote.

In an email message Thursday, the alliance said, “SB 208, which would pave the way for the incorporation of the Southeast DeKalb municipality of about 50,000 residents, will now move to the House for a vote. If approved by the House, the bill would then go to Gov. Deal for consideration. Following Deal’s approval, a referendum would be held in November for voters in the proposed area to decide if they want to govern themselves.”

“We are more than half-way to the finish line with just one week remaining. I feel optimistic that we will experience success in the House of Representatives,” said Jason Lary, president of the Stonecrest City Alliance, in the emailed message.

The alliance also released a new FAQ Update, based on a recent Carl Vincent Institute study for financial feasibility.

One of the questions was about city border disputes. The alliance said, “As of March 2015, there are no boundary disputes between Stonecrest and any other existing or proposed city. The Stonecrest City Alliance fully cooperated with state lawmakers in defining our boundaries prior to any updated feasibility study or city charter being drafted.”

Another question focused on anticipated tax revenue. The FAQ page said, “We anticipate a “no tax increase” format for the industrial, commercial and residential areas of the proposed City of Stonecrest.”


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