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GDOT has multiple projects scheduled for I-20 this weekend

Kirkwood and East Lake Metro ATL

GDOT has multiple projects scheduled for I-20 this weekend

Source: https://www.facebook.com/GeorgiaDOT/

Source: https://www.facebook.com/GeorgiaDOT/

If you’re getting on the roads this weekend, avoid I-20 if at all possible. The Georgia Department of Transportation has a several I-20-related projects on its to-do list.

From GDOT:

– On I-20, two eastbound lanes will close between Langhorn Street and Joseph E. Lowery Blvd and two westbound lanes will close between Joseph E. Lowery Blvd  and Lee Street for bridge joint repairs, continuously from 9 pm, Friday, until 5 am, Monday;

– Two westbound lanes will close on I-20 between Six Flags parkway and Fulton Industrial Boulevard, continuously from 9 pm, Friday, until 5 am, Monday;

– Paving on I-20 will require one westbound lane and shoulder closure between SR 12/US 78 and SR 20/SR 138/ Stockbridge Highway from 9 pm, Friday, until 2 pm, Saturday;

– Paving on I-20 will also require closures on the westbound off-ramp at SR 20/SR 138/ Stockbridge Highway and the eastbound on and off ramps at SR 162/Salem Road continuously from 9 pm,Friday, until 5 am, Monday;

– On the southwest side of I-285, sign structure work will require two northbound lane closures from SR 6/ Camp Creek Parkway to SR 154/SR 166/ Campbellton Road/ Langford Parkway and one southbound lane from Cascade Road to SR 154/SR 166/ Campbellton Road/ Langford Parkway, continuously from 9 pm, Friday, until 5 am, Monday;

– Two northbound lanes on I-285 will close between SR 8/US 278/ Hollowell Parkway and Bolton Road and two southbound lanes between Bolton Road and South Atlanta Road continuously from 9 pm, Friday, until 5 am, Monday, for concrete rehabilitation;

– A pacing operation will slow traffic traveling on the northbound and southbound lanes on I-285 from South Atlanta Road to SR 280/ South Cobb Drive from 7 am until 10 am, Saturday;

– On I-285, two northbound lanes will close from Northlake Parkway to Chamblee Tucker Road, from 7:30 pm, Friday, until 3 pm, Saturday, for sign structure work;

– Express Lanes project will require crews to shift traffic on I-75 southbound from SR 280/ Delk Road to Windy Hill Road from 9 pm, Friday, until 10 am, Saturday;

– On Georgia (State Route) 400, one northbound lane will close between Sidney Marcus Boulevard and Wieuca Road and one southbound lane will close from Old Ivey Road to Lenox Road daily from 7 am, Saturday until 7 pm, Sunday for fiber optic cable installation;

– One lane will close on SR 280/South Cobb Drive between SR 5/Austell Rod and I-285 and one lane on SR 5/ Austell Road starting from SR 280/South Cobb Drive to the Fulton County Line continuously from 9 pm, Saturday until 5 am, Monday for resurfacing;

– On SR 14, one lane will close between Norman Berry Drive in Hapeville to Spring Street in Atlanta, continuously from 9 pm, Friday until 5 am, Monday

– Striping will require lane closures on SR 372/ Birmingham Highway at New Providence Road / Providence Road from 9 am, until 6 pm, Saturday;

– Pipeline construction will require one lane closure at SR 237/Piedmont Road and Habersham Road from 8 am, until 5 pm, Saturday; and finally

– On SR 154/ Memorial Drive, one lane will close between the Moreland Avenue and Wilkinson Drive from 9 am, until 3 pm, Saturday.