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Decatur High seniors honored for good grades


Decatur High seniors honored for good grades

The front steps of Decatur High School. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt
The front steps of Decatur High School. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

The front steps of Decatur High School. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Members of Decatur High School’s Senior class are being honored for their strong grades.

The Decatur High School Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) sent out an email which said 74 members of the Class of 2015 have had “consistently strong academic achievement.”

The email goes on to say, “These seniors have been included in the A/B honor roll for 4 consecutive years at Decatur High School, including transfers of equivalent grade standings. They will be recognized at the Graduation breakfast and presented with a commemorative blanket of their academic years here at Decatur High School. An engraved recognition plaque also hangs in the school main floor lobby.”

250 students are expected to graduate Thursday evening. As Decaturish reported, a rain plan would move the graduation from the stadium to the DHS gym if needed. That decision will be made Thursday.

The Senior Honor Roll students are listed below. Congrats to these students and the entire DHS Class of 2015!

Lul Atik
Jackson Bailey
Ke’ilah Bailey
Wren Ballou
Austin Bass
Zoe Bayer
Kevin Beck
Simon Bell
Louisa Boswell
Luke Bumgardner
Mirette Carpenter
Amelia Curcio-Kaplan
Natalie Davis
Sophia Deck
Abigail DeWeerth
D’yane Downer
Harper Ford
Grace Garlow
Mirina Garoufalidis
Joshua Gaul
Madeleine Goebel
Noah Grigni
Jenna Hanes
Devon Hanna
Jacob Haythorn
Madeleine Henner
Nathan Holmes
Lucas Jackson
Thomas Jones
Windsor Jones
Willem Kaiser
Kaitlin Kemp
Grace Kendrick
Conor Lacey
Zoey Laird
Emma Long
Catherine Lyle
Anna Marianchuk
Madeleine McCarthy
Katherine McReynolds
Leah Miller
William Moore
Miriam Moore-Keish
Katie Neil
Richard Newsome
James Parker
Timothy Perry
Tyler Perry
Isabella Reiss
McKenzie Rhone
Alexandra Ritter
Irene Ruby
Whitner Schellingerhoudt
Zachary Schulman
Onyx Simpson
Caitlin Sims
Allen Smith
Johnathan Spearman
Gavin Stuart
Claudia Tansey
Tori Tate
Connor Tinaglia
Robert Townes
Duncan Trotter
Lucy Walke
Vega Walke
Joseph Walker
Hannah Walters
James Weigle
Emma Wheeler
Samuel Winn
Keegan Wray
Thomas Wyatt
Molly Yates


Dena Mellick

Dena Mellick is the Associate Editor of Decaturish.com.