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Report: Emory Police ‘severely hindered’ investigation of frat conduct

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Report: Emory Police ‘severely hindered’ investigation of frat conduct

Photo from the Emory University Police website.
Photo from the Emory University Police website.

Photo from the Emory University Police website.

This story has been updated. 

The Panama City Beach Police Department says that the Emory University Police Department did not cooperate with an investigation into alleged misconduct by fraternity members, according to the Associated Press.

Emory says it did cooperate, but its investigator wasn’t able to contact students before they left school at the end of the Spring semester.

Emory had said it was investigating whether members of the Emory chapter of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity joined members of the University of Florida chapter accused of harassing wounded veterans who visited Panama City Beach in April. The veterans were there as part of the Warrior Beach Retreat. Veterans accused the fraternity members of a variety of drunken behavior, alleging frat members threw beer at them, spat on them and urinated on the American Flag,

The allegations caused the University of Florida to close its Zeta Beta Tau chapter. Panama City Beach Police investigated the incident and found that the veterans weren’t specifically targeted, the AP reported. According to the AP, investigators did find that fraternity members got out of hand and disrupted the Warrior Beach Retreat.

The report obtained by the AP specifically accuses Emory of failing to cooperate, saying the university’s police department “severely hindered” the investigation.

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When Decaturish asked Emory about the report, spokesperson Beverly Clark said, “Emory Police agreed to assist Panama City Beach Police at their request to help interview students who may have witnessed the alleged incidents.”

“The Emory investigator was not able to make contact with the students before they departed campus at the end of the school term, and could not provide personal student information as requested due to federal student privacy laws,” the statement says. “Emory University Campus Life administrators immediately began an investigation when they received complaints in late April that students from one of our fraternities might be involved in the alleged incidents during the Warrior Retreat in Florida. No evidence has been found to implicate Emory students in these reported incidents.”