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‘Revival’ family includes a mother of four and a Swedish chef

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‘Revival’ family includes a mother of four and a Swedish chef

Screen shot of http://www.revivaldecatur.com/

Screen shot of http://www.revivaldecatur.com/

Celebrity chef Kevin Gillespie has made family the motif of his forthcoming Decatur restaurant, Revival.

His public relations team made that point again this week, noting the restaurant staff’s familiarity with familial cooking traditions.

Take executive chef Andreas Müller. Müller is currently the “kitchen dude” at Gillespie’s Gunshow restaurant in Atlanta’s Glenwood Park neighborhood, but he grew up in a small town in Sweden.

The latest press release from the company says that Müller, “like Gillespie, feels fortunate to have been so close to his grandparents and other relatives.”

“Food is at the forefront of his earliest memories, and he recalls foraging for lingonberries, mushrooms and potatoes as a child,” the press release says. “Much like Kevin’s experience with both Appalachian cuisine and Southern plantation fare growing up, Müller ate very rustic dishes at home but got a much more polished meal when visiting his grandparents in a different town. Although they are from very different parts of the world, both Gillespie and Müller are quite familiar with this blending of rural and refined culinary influences.”

Christy Lee Faircloth has been named general manager. According to the press release, she has four children, two step children and has seven siblings. Her nickname? “Mother hen.”

Prior to becoming part of Revival, Faircloth worked on service and management teams at Atlanta’s Rocket Farm Restaurants. Her resume includes the restaurants, No. 246, St. Cecilia and The El Felix.

“Earlier in her career, Faircloth also worked at multiple Decatur restaurants and built a strong connection to the neighborhood and its family-oriented residents,” the press release says.

Everything is on track for Revival to open in Decatur this July. The restaurant will be located at 129 Church Street.

During the June 1 City Commission meeting, commissioners approved an alcoholic beverage license for Revival. The restaurant will serve beer, wine and “spirituous liquors.”

Gillespie recently told Decaturish that Revival will be the kind of experience you’d get if you were a lucky guest at the Gillespie family table, one that is deeply personal. It will reflect his belief that one of the key ingredients of Southern culture is in dangerously short supply. He said he couldn’t think of a restaurant in Atlanta that honored the cooking traditions his grandmother kept.