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Tickets to ride a giant water slide through Decatur go on sale Wednesday


Tickets to ride a giant water slide through Decatur go on sale Wednesday

Photo obtained via http://www.slidethecity.com/

Photo obtained via http://www.slidethecity.com/

Tickets for this summer’s “Slide the City” event will officially go on sale Wednesday, June 10, at 9 am. Ticket holders will get to ride a 1,000 foot water slide down West Ponce de Leon Avenue on July 25.

According to the city and the Slide the City website, the water slide will stretch from Clairemont to a little past Ponce de Leon Place and will be longer than three football fields. Ticket sales will help raise money for the Decatur Business Association.

“This amazing event is produced a by a professional event company called Slide the City which has brought this wild slide to cities such as Salt Lake City, Boise, Fountain Hills, and Ft. Lauderdale,” the city’s Decatur Minute blog says. “Decatur will be the only metro Atlanta city to host this event which will bring Decatur thousands of visitors and tons of foot traffic.”

Slide the City claims on its website that “Usain Bolt will be green with envy once he sees how fast you can cover that much ground” and adds that its slides are American-made.

“We like to think of ourselves as carney workers, without the mullets and the missing teeth,” the Slide the City’s about page says. “Slide the City is a family friendly slip-and-slide water party event. There will be live music, food, drinks, water, and of course the biggest slip and slide ever to hit asphalt. Don’t worry, we’ve got it padded. This slide’s got more cushion than your grandpa’s orthopedic sneakers.”

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According to the Slide the City website, tickets are $30 for early registration, $35 for regular registration and $40 for late registration. That’s for the “Triple Slider” ticket which provides “a wristband that gives to the ability to slide three times anytime during the day. Along with the wristband you will receive a tube, a mouthguard, tattoo, and a drawstring bag.”

For a little more, you can get the “Unlimited Slider” ticket. Early registration is $50, late registration is $60 and regular registration is $55.

“Only Unlimited wristbands will be allowed to slide an hour before the slide opens and an hour after it closes,” the Slide the City website says. “In addition to that, you’ll get a wristband that gives you the ability to slide as many times as you like during the day. You will also receive some other goodies including a mouthguard, tattoo, t-shirt, tube (we require sliding on tubes), drawstring bag and a hat to keep your nose from getting burned.”

You can also purchase the “single slider” ticket, which is $15 for early registration, $20 for regular registration and $25 for day of registration. Single slider ticket holders get one slide ride, as the name implies, and they have to bring their own tubes.

Too pricey for you? The DBA is offering Decatur riders a discount.

“Use the promo code  DBA15  to get a  10 percent discount off of your tickets,” the city’s Decatur Minute blog says.

To purchase tickets, click here.