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Comcast increasing residential internet speeds

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Comcast increasing residential internet speeds

Photo by Dave Winer. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Photo by Dave Winer. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Comcast has announced that local residential internet speeds are getting faster.

The company says that customers in its Blast! internet tier will see their speeds increase by 50 percent to 75 megabits per second. The company says it won’t charge customers extra for the faster speeds.

The company is also offering two new tiers of internet speed: Extreme 250 and Extreme 150 Mbps.

“The new speeds and tiers will be available immediately to the vast majority of new and existing customers in Atlanta. Customers with Blast! speed tiers will see their speeds go from 50 to 75 Mbps, a 50 percent increase,” the company said in a press release. “To get the new Blast! speeds, customers may need to re-start their modems. Comcast will also notify those customers who may need to upgrade their modems to receive the increased speeds. Customers who lease modems from Comcast will be able to receive upgraded modems at no additional charge. A list of approved modems can be found online at http://mydeviceinfo.comcast.net/.”

It’s the latest move by the Cable giant to head off competition from Google, which is bringing its fiber network to the Atlanta area.

Comcast in April announced it will be bringing 2 Gig internet service to the Atlanta area, known as Gigabit Pro. That service is supposed to be available to 1.5 million customers, but they may need to adjust their budgets. Comcast has recently revealed the cost of the Gigabit Pro service: $299.95 per month.

Google’s 1 Gig fiber network, will cost $70 per month. But unlike Comcast, Google still has to lay the groundwork for its services.

The company has begun installation of its fiber network in Atlanta, a process that could take two years or more.