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Decatur offering Trees 101 class


Decatur offering Trees 101 class

India Woodson, Decatur's new arborist, finishes inspecting a tree at a home in Oakhurst. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt
India Woodson, Decatur's new arborist. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

India Woodson, Decatur’s arborist. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Decatur is holding another Trees 101 course with arborist India Woodson.

In the city’s blog, Woodson described the class, saying, “Trees give us shade, clean our air and water, provide habitat for wildlife, and beautify our landscapes. The City of Decatur recognizes that all of us can contribute greatly to the health and structural integrity of these living treasures if we are empowered to recognize common problems and take proactive steps. Our goal is to help you help your trees and to provide that empowerment through education.”

Trees 101 will be held Saturday, July 25 from 10 a.m. until noon at Woodlands Garden at 920 Scott Boulevard in Decatur.

You need to email India Woodson with your name, address, and contact info to reserve a spot.

Here’s what’s on the syllabus:

City of Decatur Tree Ordinance Overview:  This session will explain the new ordinance, what it means to the average homeowner and show you how to measure the canopy of your trees.

Tree Identification: The first step in taking proper care of your trees is to know what you have. Decatur Trees 101 will guide you through the steps on how to develop an inventory of what is on your property. You will also learn the basic characteristics of trees that will help you identify the species of trees that you have.

Tree Planting and Maintenance: This information session will teach you how to choose the right species for your landscape and feel confident that you are planting it in a way that ensures success. If you have planted trees that are struggling with the transition to their new home, learn what it takes to direct your trees toward long productive lives.

Structural Pruning: Also known as ‘formative’ pruning, this method of care can provide surprising benefits. Decatur Trees 101 can take the mystery out of this technique and show you how easy it is to work pruning into your tree maintenance plan

Tree Walks (TBD): Get to know your local trees while getting to know your community. We will introduce the trees to you by name and explain the distinguishing features that make each species unique. These events are always interactive and participants are challenged to practice their newly acquired skills!

Dena Mellick

Dena Mellick is the Associate Editor of Decaturish.com.