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Decatur resident said carjackers distracted him with baby, used knock-out gas

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Decatur resident said carjackers distracted him with baby, used knock-out gas

Illustration: A DeKalb County Police vehicle. Photo obtained via Wikimedia Commons

Illustration: A DeKalb County Police vehicle. Photo obtained via Wikimedia Commons

A Decatur man says he was carjacked by three people who left a baby in a crosswalk and then used some kind of knock-out gas on him.

The story was shared via Facebook last week and went viral, but Decaturish was unable to confirm any of the details with DeKalb County Police.

Then on July 21, we were able to touch base with the employer of the victim who provided a case number. DeKalb County then provided a report about the July 14 incident.

According to the report, Ousmane Ndiaye was in his 2009 Honda Civic and stopped at a traffic light near the intersection of Clairmont and LaVista roads at 9:30 p.m. The report says the victim “saw a small juvenile female standing in the cross walk at the intersection” in front of his car.

He said two women were standing on the side of the road to his left and a man was standing on his right. According to the report, Ndiaye rolled down his window to ask the two women if the child belonged to them. They told him they didn’t know who the child belonged to. Ndiaye got out of his car and went over to the child in the road, the report says.

One of the women approached him and “sprayed him in the face with an unknown substance,” according to the report.

“The victim began to lose his vision,” the report says. “(One of the women) pushed him back into his vehicle on the passenger side.” She was carrying a “black firearm,” the report says. “(The male suspect) and the victim was positioned on the passenger side of the vehicle.”

The woman who sprayed him with the unknown substance climbed in behind the driver’s seat. The woman with the gun and the child got in the back seat of the car.

“The victim became disoriented of his surroundings,” the report states. “The victim advised he heard (one of the female suspects) saying something about a motel on Candler Road.”

The report says Ndiaye “lost consciousness for several hours” and woke up in the parking lot of an “unknown name/abandoned gas station on Clairmont Road near the VA Hospital.” Ndiaye told officers he walked home and told his wife what happened, and she called police. The suspects stole $40 in cash, his debit card, his credit card, a set of keys and his vehicle.

The suspects are described as:

– A black male, mid 30’s, 6 feet 3 inches tall, slim build, wearing a black tee shirt, black army fatigue shorts

– A black female, unknown age, 5 feet tall, wearing a long black-gray dress

– A black female unknown age, 5 feet 5 inches tall, wearing a blue tank top tee shirt and blue jean shorts

Ndiaye’s vehicle was recovered, according to his boss, Jennifer Dugan, owner of ACC – Atlanta Custom Creations in Scottdale. Dugan said Ndiaye described the child in the road as “a baby.”

Capt. Steven Fore with the DeKalb Police Department said investigators tried to interview Ndiaye since he reported the incident, but have been unable to reach him.

Dugan said Ndiaye is from Senegal in Africa and the investigators may have had trouble understanding him due to his heavy accent.

Decaturish was initially skeptical of the incident due to the bizarre details of the crime and the inability of police officials to locate an incident report. Dugan supplied the case number, which helped DeKalb Police track down the report which confirmed most of the details that were shared on Facebook last week. She said she stands by her employee’s story.

“I’ve known this man for over a year and a half,” Dugan said. “He works for me. I know his wife, and I’ve dealt with him under many circumstances. I would never assume that someone would intentionally make up a story like this for no reason.”