Sq/Ft Decatur welcomes new shop kitten after dogs pass away

Posted by Dena Mellick July 16, 2015
Sq/Ft Decatur's new shop pet, Sushi Roll. Photo from Sq/Ft Decatur Facebook.

Sq/Ft Decatur’s new shop pet, Sushi Roll, makes herself at home. Photo from Sq/Ft Decatur Facebook.

By Dena Mellick, Associate Editor

There’s a new top cat in town … or at least at the Decatur retail store Sq/Ft.

Sushi Roll is a tiny black and white kitten that Sq/Ft co-owner Santi Deshnad rescued.

“Someone found her under a car and brought her in because they had to go out of the country for the week … for some reason, people think I’m a sucker for rescues,” Deshnad said, laughing.

Now at only a few months old, Sushi Roll is becoming a fixture in the store. “I took her in Tuesday, and she was so at home. People have been playing with her, she would lounge on the pillows. … She’s actually a really cool shop cat.”

“Whenever she [Deshnad] comes in, she’ll bring [Sushi Roll] in, and it’s really playful. I’m actually not a cat person myself, but I’m in love with it!” said employee Chris Digby.

People who have been by Sq/Ft before may remember the retail clothing store on the square was, until recently, ruled by dogs.

Puma, the French Bulldog, and Maximus, the Bullmastiff, also owned by Deshnad, were customer favorites.

Deshnad said Maximus died in August from Lymphoma. In a cruel twist of fate, Puma passed away in March after developing a brain tumor.

“Those were my babies, and it happened back to back,” Deshnad said.

Puma and Maximus, the pups of Sq/Ft, passed away. Owner Deshnad said customers would come in just to see them. Photo from Sq/Ft's Facebook page.

Maxiumus (red hat) and Puma, the pups of Sq/Ft, passed away. Owner Deshnad said customers would come in just to see them. Photo from Sq/Ft Decatur Facebook.

Deshnad said Puma, who was given his name because of his resemblance to a baby Puma she saw at the zoo, went to work with her for 10 years. He would frequently model clothing and footwear on the store’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

“He loved it, you could put anything on him, and he would just stand there and pose,” Deshnad said. “He was just the coolest little dog ever. I will never find anything to match him, I feel right now. It was the worst day ever when that happened.”

She said customers would often come into the store to see Puma. “He had his own little fan base.”

Deshnad said Sushi Roll is already developing her own fans.

“The other day no one wanted to put her down, and she loves it. She’s a happy cat,” Deshnad said.

As to whether Sushi Roll will also model clothing?

“Right now, she likes to attack every scarf hanging around the room … But maybe, we’ll start dressing her up pretty soon.”

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