Tidbits: Kevin Gillespie’s new venture and Decatur Revival open date; Kirkwood cheap eats

Posted by Dena Mellick July 15, 2015
Kevin Gillespie sits down for an interview with Decaturish. Photo by Jonathan Phillips

Kevin Gillespie sits down for an interview with Decaturish. Photo by Jonathan Phillips

Celebrity chef Kevin Gillespie will open the much-anticipated Revival restaurant in Decatur on Thursday, July 23.

Atlanta Eater reports the date is tentative. Gillespie has made family the motif of the restaurant, telling Decaturish that Revival will be the kind of experience you’d get if you were a lucky guest at the Gillespie family table, one that is deeply personal. The family theme even includes the decor, according to a recent Instagram photo from Gillespie.

Working on decor for @revivaldecatur includes a lot of trips down memory lane.

A photo posted by Kevin Gillespie (@chefkevingillespie) on

He recently told CNN he was nervous about Revival’s opening.

No word if Gillespie is also nervous about a major new venture. The restaurateur has formed a new parent company called Red Beard Restaurants. A press release said, “Along with director of food and beverage Marco Shaw and director of development M. Blake Morley, Gillespie’s new parent company will maintain consistency at both Gunshow and Revival, Gillespie’s second restaurant slated to open in Decatur this month, ensure smart expansion for future development and provide consulting services to other food and beverage start-ups.”

“Trying to figure out how I would split my time between my two restaurants prompted me to ask myself, ‘how do I ensure that Gunshow doesn’t fall off course when I’m at Revival?’ It was then that I realized we could really benefit from having a single entity to hold our entire team to a certain standard and sustain the values that are important to us,” Gillespie is quoted as saying.

Two Kirkwood restaurants have made Atlanta Eater’s list of 2015 Cheap Eats. According to the list, Dish Dive “is reasonably priced, and with no bar, BYOB service helps to keep the tab low.” And Elmyriachi is credited with having only $10 or less items on the menu.

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