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Trash cans still being delivered, confusion abounds with new county trash service

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Trash cans still being delivered, confusion abounds with new county trash service

The DeKalb County Sanitation Department.
DeKalb trash cans

Photo obtained from ReporterNewspapers.net

DeKalb County’s new once-a-week garbage service began rolling out this week, but confusion has abounded as residents have tried to figure out when sanitation workers will pick up their trash and recycling.

Residents are also wondering when they’ll receive the 65-gallon roll carts from the county.

Spokesman Burke Brennan said, “Generally speaking whatever day a resident’s recycling and yard trimmings pickup was last week, that day is the combined pickup day this week and every week moving forward.”

“To use myself as an example, last week my garbage was collected Monday and Thursday, and my recycling and yard trimmings were picked up on Tuesday,” he added. “Effective now, everything at my address is picked up on Tuesday.”

Brennan said workers are still in the process of delivering the 65-gallon roll carts.

“Many have already been delivered, but green 65-gallon garbage roll carts are currently being delivered by redeployed sanitation collection crews to all single-family residential customers,” he said. “These crews are delivering carts on a daily basis using Enterprise Rental trucks. The roll cart vendors are manufacturing the carts at a rate of 2,000 per day, seven days per week, for a total of 14,000 per week. Our division estimates that all residents will receive a roll cart by the end of August. However, residents should begin using their roll carts as soon as they receive them.”

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