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Carjacking leads to alert on Emory campus

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Carjacking leads to alert on Emory campus

Photo from the Emory University Police website.
Photo from the Emory University Police website.

Photo from the Emory University Police website.

Emory employees and students received a text message this morning, Aug. 11, about a “police emergency” on campus, but the emergency advisory has been lifted.

The University announced on its Twitter account that,  “There was a car jacking w/ perpetrators chased onto #Emory campus. @DeKalbCountyPD & Emory Police on scene, event now all clear.”

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The advisory encouraged employees and students to “shelter in place” during the emergency.

“There was a car chase that came onto campus. DeKalb police then chased the people on foot,” spokesperson Beverly Clark said.

The DeKalb Police Department provided the following information about this morning’s incident:

This morning at approximately 3:45 a.m. officers responded to a robbery carjacking at 751 N. Indian Creek Drive.  The victims, a 28 and a 31 year males, reported they were sitting in their vehicle, a black Jeep Wrangler, when they were approached by two young black males in their teens dressed all in black armed with handguns.  The males robbed the victims of personal belongings and then ordered them out of the vehicle.  The two suspects then fled in the Jeep Wrangler.

A lookout was given on the vehicle and uniform officers spotted the vehicle minutes later on Memorial Drive near Memorial College Ave.  Officers attempted to stop the vehicle and it fled on Memorial Drive to N. Decatur and continued turning right on Haygood Drive where officers lost sight of the vehicle.  The vehicle was located abandon on Eagle Row.  A perimeter was established and search conducted for the suspects with the assistance of K9.  The suspects were not located.  The vehicle was impounded for processing.  The investigation is ongoing.


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