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Atlanta Community Food Bank founder selected to fill commission vacancy


Atlanta Community Food Bank founder selected to fill commission vacancy

Decatur City Hall.
Decatur City Hall

Decatur City Hall

This story has been updated. 

The Decatur City Commission unanimously and quickly selected Decatur resident Bill Bolling to fill the remainder of the term of former commissioner Kecia Cunningham.

Bolling is best known as the founder of the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Commissioner Patti Garrett nominated Bolling, and Garrett was elected unanimously as Mayor Pro Tem, the job previously held by Cunningham. There were no public comments before the commission’s vote. There was no public deliberation among commissioners about Bolling’s qualifications and no other candidates were nominated.

Bolling, who didn’t speak during the Sept. 8 meeting, will be sworn in at the next City Commission meeting.

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Bolling isn’t running to replace Cunningham, who resigned at the last regular City Commission meeting.  The municipal elections are Nov. 3, and two candidates are running for Cunningham’s seat: Brian Smith, the current chairman of the city of Decatur’s Zoning Board of Appeals, and James Johnson, a local attorney.

Mayor Jim Baskett previously told Decaturish he was hopeful the commission would select someone for the position who wasn’t using the job as a stepping stone to another political office.

Correction: An earlier version of this story said that Bill Bolling wasn’t in attendance at the Sept. 8 meeting. He was in attendance, but did not speak during the meeting. 


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