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Burglaries in Decatur increased 59 percent during the summer


Burglaries in Decatur increased 59 percent during the summer

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Decatur Police have released crime statistics for the traditionally busy summer months of May, June, July and August.

Violent crime declined in nearly every category from 2014 to 2015, but property crime also saw a distinct increase. Burglaries, in particular, spiked by 59 percent during the summer months.


Crime typically goes up in the summer months due to schools being closed for the summer and homes being unoccupied for long periods because of people leaving town for vacations.

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There were 43 burglaries during the summer months in 2015, compared with 27 during 2014. Larceny, the theft or personal property, also increased by 23 percent, and motor vehicle thefts increased by 56.25 percent.

Violent crimes were down. Assaults dropped by 20 percent, and robberies decreased by 50 percent. In fact, there were no robberies reported in May, June or August, and four were reported in July.

There were several high profile burglary incidents during the summer. In June, police issued an alert about three burglaries on East Davis Street and Ridley Lane. Police in August arrested a man connected to a series of burglaries in the Decatur Heights neighborhood.

While robberies overall were down, July proved to be a busy month for robberies.

In July, police arrested a juvenile accused of participating in an armed robbery in Oakhurst. A local business owner was also robbed after closing up shop for the day.

Here is the complete list of crime statistics provided by the Decatur Police Department.

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