Dear Decaturish – Just say ‘no’ to new cities

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt September 23, 2015
A map of the proposed city of LaVista Hills

A map of the proposed city of LaVista Hills

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Dear Decaturish,

It is my understanding that the LaVista Hills movement is upset with the AJC article that the proposed revenue will be less than anticipated.

I am more concerned about other misrepresentations to the community by the pro-city movement. The pro-LaVista Hills group in public meetings contends that court functions will remain in DeKalb County despite the fact that they are going to duplicate services.

LaVista Hills residents will have to support the County Court system whether there is a new city or not. However, LaVista Hills will also unnecessarily duplicate services for municipal court functions. Municipal taxes will be used to support a Municipal Court, judge, public defender, solicitor, court clerk (and staff) and city attorney. (All these functions are currently run by the county.)

Of course there will be taxes to pay these employees or 1099 contractors, along with buildings (rented or built) to house the Municipal Court.

If the LaVista Hills Yes movement did not mention the court system in their presentation to the public I would not be as concerned.

However, by blatantly misleading the public before they get into office, I am extremely concerned about what happens if they get in office.

When it comes to cityhood, just say “no”.

David Markus, P.C.
Attorney at Law

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