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Dear Decaturish – We do not agree with North Briarcliff Civic Association on LaVista Hills

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Dear Decaturish – We do not agree with North Briarcliff Civic Association on LaVista Hills

Map obtained via http://www.northbriarcliff.org/

Map obtained via http://www.northbriarcliff.org/

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Dear Decaturish,

Recently we discovered that the North Briarcliff Civic Association Board decided to endorse the idea of creating a new city of LaVista Hills in this area. This is very disappointing news. NBCA purports to represent the interests of the members of this community, yet with this announcement its board has blatantly disrespected the opinions and desires of a large percentage of us.

Our NBCA community is strongly divided on this topic, one that will have a massive impact on all our homes and lives. Many of us made a conscious choice to purchase homes in an unincorporated area instead of one of DeKalb cities and are happy with the decision that we made. Drive through our community and you will see a nearly 50-50 split between county vs city support signs.

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With this move, we have been made to feel like outsiders in the neighborhood where we have made our homes. We feel that our desires are not respected by NBCA.

While we are against creating a new layer of government, we would feel it is just as wrong if NBCA came down on the other side of the issue. Our community group should represent all of our interests, not just the interests of its board members and some of its citizens; driving a wedge between neighbors should never be the function of a neighborhood organization.

Why the NBCA board would want to alienate so many of the neighbors who live here? Why couldn’t the official NBCA stance be to continue to remain neutral while allowing the individual members of the board to publicly proclaim any opinion they wish to support? At the very minimum, why weren’t the citizens of the NBCA area given a vote in this decision?

We hope that that NBCA will reconsider this decision and again be a neutral party in a conversation that has the potential to deeply divide our community.

Thank you for your time,

Kay Clark
Jim Yohn
Susan Miller
Randall Miller
Susan Harte
Douglas McKittrick
Sandra McKittrick
Ruth Primm