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Tickets still available for Saturday’s Slide the City

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Tickets still available for Saturday’s Slide the City

Photo by Travis Hudgons
The original Slide the City on July 25 was cut short because of water pressure issues. Photo by Travis Hudgons

The original Slide the City on July 25 was cut short because of water pressure issues. Photo by Travis Hudgons

Tickets are still available for this Saturday’s rescheduled Slide the City event, according to the city.

The original Slide the City was cut short on July 25 because of water pressure issues in DeKalb County.

Tickets for Saturday’s event can be purchased at the Slide the City website. The city of Decatur said residents can still use the code DBA15 to get a 15 percent discount.

July ticket holders who can’t make it this Saturday are able to get a refund. The city previously said, “We understand that (Sept. 12) falls during the CSD fall break, but that was the only weekend open for both the City of Decatur and Slide the City,” the post says. “If you have tickets that you were not able to use last time, they are valid and you do not have to register again. If you have tickets that you cannot use, please email info@slidethecity.com to either transfer the tickets to someone else or to get a full refund.”

The location of this Slide the City will also be slightly different.

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“We have also decided to move the location of the slide from W. Ponce de Leon Ave over to McDonough Street to reduce the impact on businesses and on traffic,” a post on the city’s Decatur Minute blog said. “Also, as it turns out, the hill is slightly steeper which will make for a really fun slide.”

The city had to shut down the slide early, at 1 p.m. on July 25, after DeKalb County was unable to fix a broken fire hydrant at Henderson Mill and Evans roads. Many residents experienced low or no water for five days as a result of the broken hydrant. While some ticket holders were able to ride the 1,000 foot water slide down West Ponce de Leon, many of the other 3,600 ticket holders weren’t able to ride. The event is a fundraiser for the Decatur Business Association.

Dena Mellick

Dena Mellick is the Associate Editor of Decaturish.com.


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