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(VIDEO) – DeKalb Police release report on CVS robbery

Metro ATL

(VIDEO) – DeKalb Police release report on CVS robbery


The DeKalb County Police Department has released a report about a Sept. 3 robbery of a CVS drug store on Lawrenceville Highway that resulted in one customer being shot in the hand.

According to the report the suspects are:

– A brown complexioned black male, slim build, 5’8 to 5’9, wearing a dark colored hat and white t-shirt, black pants. The suspect was armed with a silver handgun and wore a red bandanna over his face.

– A male, brown complexioned, 5’10 to 5’11, wearing a plaid shirt.

The Police Department has also released this video of the suspects as they enter and leave the store:

According to the report, one of the witnesses was talking on the phone near the back door when someone told her to “Get off the phone.” She turned to see what was happening and saw one of the suspects snatch a customer’s purse. She started running down the aisle toward the back of the store. When she heard a gunshot, she ran out of the emergency exit door.

The cashier told police she was helping a customer at the register near the entrance when the first suspect pointed his gun at her and said “Empty the register.” She gave the suspect an unknown amount of money from the register.

Two of the other witnesses were standing in front of the register when the suspects entered the store. One of the suspects told them to “Get down.” Both got on the floor. The suspects stole wallets, debit cards and an iPhone 5.

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Another was standing in an aisle farthest from the entrance of the store and a suspect knocked her to the ground when he ran past her.

The suspects made their way to the pharmacy counter. One customer was there to fill a prescription, and two employees were behind the counter. One of the pharmacy employees was on the phone when a suspect pointed a gun at him and demanded drugs. The customer ran toward the front of the store and the first suspect chased him down. They began struggling over the suspect’s gun. The customer was shot in the left hand and had his iPhone 6 stolen. The suspects then fled the store.

The suspects are also believed to have robbed a Dollar General in Clarkston a short time later.