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A look at the campaign finances for candidates in the Nov. 3 elections

Avondale Estates Decatur

A look at the campaign finances for candidates in the Nov. 3 elections

File Photo courtesy of Dena Mellick
File Photo from the May 20 primary, courtesy of Dena Mellick

File Photo from the May 20 primary, courtesy of Dena Mellick

As the Nov. 3 elections approach, candidates in local races are making their campaign disclosures, documents showing who is funding each campaign.

All of the forms for the Decatur races can be found by clicking here. In Avondale Estates, all of the candidates filed affidavits showing they would not raise enough money to have to file campaign disclosures.

Some campaign finance highlights from each race on the Decatur ballot this year …

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City Commission, At Large 

John Ridley and Tony Powers are vying for the seat currently occupied by Mayor Jim Baskett, who opted not to seek another term. Unlike many other cities, Decagtur mayors are chosen by fellow-city commissioners.

Ridley said his most recent report, filed on Oct. 7, 2015, contains an error. The form shows he loaned himself $200,000 to run his campaign, eschewing campaign contributions. When contacted by Decaturish, Ridley said he had loaned himself $100,000 and will correct his campaign finance filings.

“I’d never seen that form before and I found it very confusing,” Ridley said. He said his campaign returned $25,000 of the funds to him because, “I wasn’t going to use it.”

Powers’ recent report, filed Sept. 28, shows he has raised about $20,000 for his campaign. The people who have contributed the most money to his campaign are:

– William Hall, a CEO at Newfields who contributed $2,500

– Dave Jones, Powers business partner at Intown Ace Hardware, who contributed $1,000.

– Natasha Trethewey, an Emory professor who contributed $1,000.

City Commission, District 2, Post B

Brian Smith has raised $12,400 for his campaign.

His biggest contributors are:

– Moosajee Hussain, a city of Atlanta resident, who gave $1,500. No occupation is listed on the form.

– Weslee Knapp, who works in real estate. Knapp contributed $1,000.

– Linda Lubin, from Miami, Fla., who contributed $1,000. Lubin is retired, according to the form.

His opponent, James Johnson, has raised $100, which he loaned to himself.

City Commission, District 1, Post B

While this race involves an incumbent City Commissioner, candidates aren’t raising or spending much money.

Valencia Monique Breedlove has raised $625. She has filed an affidavit stating she is exempt from some filing requirements because has raised less than $2,500.

Incumbent Commissioner Scott Drake has raised $850.

His biggest contributor is James Topple, who gave him $500. His occupation is listed as “retired.”

Eric Tumperi has raised $1,045. Most of his contributions were $100 or less. One contributor, DeKalb County teacher Holly Lanford, gave $200.

School Board, District 2, Post B 

Tasha White has raised $6,360. Her biggest contributors include:

– Nickolas Downey, CEO of Nead Werx Inc., who contributed $2,500

– Erika Young Wells, a self-employed consultant, who contributed $500

Thomas DeSimone has raised $2,225.

His biggest contributors:

– Richard DeSimone, who contributed $1,000

– Minerva for City Council,  based in New York. That organization contributed $750

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