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Anti-cityhood group calls for DeKalb CEO to resign

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Anti-cityhood group calls for DeKalb CEO to resign

DeKalb County CEO Lee May. Photo provided by Reporter Newspapers.
DeKalb County CEO Lee May. Photo provided by Reporter Newspapers.

DeKalb County CEO Lee May. Photo provided by Reporter Newspapers.

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The lead opposition group to new cities in DeKalb County is asking the county’s CEO to resign after the release of damning report that also called for the CEO to step down.

The report accuses CEO Lee May of borrowing money from a subordinate, Morris Williams, in violation of the county organizational act. It also says May tried to hinder and shut-down Bowers’ investigation after hiring him to help root out corruption in county government.

May called the report “laughable,” according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

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DeKalb Strong issued the following press release on Oct. 2,

In the wake of the scathing report from independent investigator Mike Bowers, DeKalb County watchdog group DeKalb Strong is calling on Lee May to resign his position as Interim CEO.

“DeKalb County is in crisis right now, and sometimes crisis requires a change in leadership,” said Marjorie Snook, president of DeKalb Strong. “We need a fresh start if we are going to rebuild trust.  We are encouraged that the GBI is reviewing the Bowers report and we await the outcome of further investigation.”

DeKalb Strong formed this year to help advocate for three DeKalb County reform bills and to fight annexation and cityhood initiatives. The three reform bills passed, and two city proposals, LaVista Hills and Tucker, are on the ballot in November.

“If we want to tackle our governance problems, we need to work together, not break apart,” said Snook. “But we need strong leadership.”

DeKalb Strong has also created a Change.org petition calling for May to leave his post as CEO.

“DeKalb County citizens have lost confidence in their elected officials. Rebuilding that trust requires a fresh start with new leadership,” the petition says. “Choosing words such as ‘laughable’ and ‘pitiful’ in your refutation of the Bowers report is only further evidence of your inability to lead us moving forward.  As CEO, the buck stops with you.”

To see the petition, click here.


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