Dear Decaturish – A LaVista Hills Limerick

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt October 15, 2015

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Dear Decaturish,

A group called LaVista Hills,
Wouldn’t say how they’d pay the bills.
Hiding the books,
From the public’s looks,
Some may have their hands in the tills.

A city they want created,
Exclusive, and possibly gated,
But LaVista Hills,
With so many bills,
Means taxes vastly inflated.

They thought by re-drawing maps,
That maybe, just maybe, perhaps,
A public diverted,
Would not be alerted,
To their budget’s forthcoming collapse.

The curse of county taxpayers,
Is government with too many layers,
Departments with clerks,
Officials with perks,
And all those additional mayors.

Taxpayers who want to save dough,
Support not this cityhood show.
No councils, no mayors,
No self-serving layers,
Go down to the polls and vote NO.

– Art Hurt

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