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Dear Decaturish – Another LaVista Hills limerick

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Dear Decaturish – Another LaVista Hills limerick


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Dear Decaturish,

The proposed city of LaVista Hills
Can handily pay all its bills.
     The Carl Vinson study should be heeded
     No new taxes will be needed
And a surplus should end up in its tills.
People say a new city means more tax
But their analysis is awfully lax.
     About Brookhaven they said the same
     But their scare tactics ended up lame.
Its millage rate is now lower, not max.
Remember that LaVista Hills’ charter does say
That tax rates can’t be raised, no way
    Without a referendum vote
    So it’s important to note
That every citizen can vote aye or nay.
And the Bowers Report surely did show
What all of us needed to know:
     That too much of our tax bounty
     Was misspent by the county
To officials’ personal pockets did it go.
In truth, we must all confess
That county government’s become quite a mess.
     But our problems are surmountable
     With local officials more accountable
So let’s vote LaVista Hills Yes.

– Stan Chapman


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