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Dear Decaturish – More support for Tasha White


Dear Decaturish – More support for Tasha White

Tasha White. (FILE PHOTO)
Tasha White

Tasha White

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Dear Decaturish,

I urge all Decatur residents who are eligible to vote to do so by the voting deadline of Nov. 3. Some people believe that it is not worth voting, but many of our citizens have fought and some have died in this country and in other countries so that we would have the right to choose our leaders by voting.

I am also writing to recommend that Decatur voters give strong to consideration to voting for Tasha White for the Decatur School Board, District 2, Post B. She is a strong leader, has children in our school system, and is able to work with all kinds of people. As part of Oakhurst Presbyterian Church, she has experience in crossing race and class lines, a very necessary skill in today’s world. At our church she has taught Sunday school, she is co-chair of our Youth Council, and she sings in one of our choirs! In all of these she has demonstrated a deep commitment, a high level of responsibility, and a fine dexterity in crossing boundaries to engage all kinds of people and problems.

Both of my children came through the Decatur city schools, and they received a great education. These schools are still among the finest in the state. In our 30 years in Decatur, we have had the privilege of working with many school board members and several superintendents, and I do not know of any whom I feel would better serve our city and its schools on the Decatur School Board than Tasha White. I highly recommend her.

– Nibs Stroupe

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Dear Decaturish,

I am writing to express my support of Tasha White for the open District 2 seat on the City Schools of Decatur Board of Education.  I have known Ms. White for a couple of years and worked with her in a wide variety of contexts. She is smart, hard-working, open-minded, and dedicated to public service.  I think she could make major contributions to the school board.

I first moved to Decatur in 1999.  After living here for six years I moved to Nashville because of work.  But my family jumped at the chance to move back to Decatur a little more than three years ago. Decatur is a special city.  And Ms. White is the kind of leader who can help sustain Decatur’s unique character and carry it into the future.

Ms. White has many great qualities as a leader.  She is especially good at listening to other people.  She pays close attention.  She listens generously, hearing the best in what each person says.  And she has a knack for figuring out what is really at stake for someone in what they are trying to say.

This gift for listening is pretty remarkable. But what really sets Ms. White apart is her ability to listen to and connect with all kinds of people. She can listen across lines of age, race, class, income, politics, education and every other kind of difference that exists in our city.  I have seen first-hand how Ms. White can connect with a huge variety of people.  And I know that this is a priority for her.  If she did not understand someone’s perspective initially, she would keep trying until she did.

Ms. White has the desire and ability to represent all the people of District 2.  I trust her to listen widely and then make wise decisions in conversation with her colleagues on the board.  I think she is just the kind of leader the school board needs in this time of ongoing changes and major decisions.  I am grateful that Ms. White is willing to serve, and I hope the voters of District 2 will join me in supporting her on Tuesday.

– Ted Smith

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