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Weekend roadwork: I-285, I-75 work continues

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Weekend roadwork: I-285, I-75 work continues

Atlanta Downtown Connector. Source: Wikimedia commons. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Atlanta_75.85.jpg
Atlanta Downtown Connector. Source: Wikimedia commons

Atlanta Downtown Connector. Source: Wikimedia commons

The Georgia Department of Transportation says that work on I-75 express lanes and I-285 will require more lane closures over the weekend.

“The traveling public is encouraged to call 511 or consult 511ga.org  before departing for real-time information on work status and traffic conditions,” GDOT says.

Here’s the full list of projects, from GDOT:

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Planned work this weekend is as follows:

– The Express Lanes project will require one southbound lane closure on I-575 between Chastain Road and Barrett Parkway and between SR 92/ Alabama Road and Bells Ferry Road from 9 p.m.,Friday until 5 a.m., Saturday;

– One southbound lane will close on I-75 between SR 120 Loop/ South Marietta Parkway and Delk Road from 9 p.m., Friday until 5 a.m., Saturday for the Express Lanes project;

– Traffic pace will NOT close all northbound and southbound lanes on I-75 between Windy Hill Road and the SR 120 Loop/ South Marietta Parkway. Law enforcement will slow down traffic traveling in the area to allow utility crews to  work across the interstate. The traffic pace will take place from 6:30 a.m., until 9:30 a.m., Sunday.

– The South Metro Express Lanes project will require two southbound lane closures on I-75 between SR 138/Stockbridge Highway and SR 155/ McDonough Road from 7 p.m., Friday until 5 a.m., Saturday;

– Sign structure work will require one southbound lane closure on I-75 between SR 120 Loop/North Marietta Parkway and SR 5/I-575 Connection from 7 a.m., Saturday until 5 a.m., Monday;

– One lane will close on the I-285 westbound ramp to I-85 northbound from 9 p.m., Friday until 5 a.m., Monday for concrete rehabilitation work;

– On I-85, rolling lane closures will require two southbound lanes to close between SR 74/Senoia Road and Cleveland Avenue nightly from 9 p.m., Saturday until 5 a.m., Monday;

– One eastbound lane and the on and off ramps will close on I-20 between Almon Road and SR 12/U.S. 278 continuously from 9 p.m., Friday until 5 a.m., Monday;

– On the southwest side of I-285, one westbound lane and one eastbound lane will close between SR 54/Jonesboro Road and SR 42/US 23/Moreland Avenue from 9 p.m., Thursday until 5 a.m., Fridayand from 9 p.m., Friday until 5 a.m., Monday;

– Two eastbound lanes will close on I-285 between SR 8/ US 278/Donald Lee Hollowell and the I-20 interchange from 9 a.m., Saturday until 5 a.m., Monday;

– Rolling lane closures on Georgia (State Route) 400 will require one northbound and one southbound lane to close between Lenox Road and SR 140/ Holcomb Bridge Road nightly from 9 p.m., Friday until 5 a.m., Monday for striping;

– One lane will close at the intersection of SR 237/Piedmont Road and Habersham Road from 9 p.m., Friday until 8 a.m., Saturday and 9 p.m., Saturday until 5 a.m., Sunday;

– On SR 166/Campbellton Road/Langford Parkway, one eastbound lane and one westbound lane will close between Barge Road and Sylvan Road nightly from 9 p.m., Friday until 5 a.m.,Monday for striping;

– Portions of SR 9/ Alpharetta Highway and SR 140/Holcomb Bridge Road will close for a walk. The closure will begin at the intersection of Cherry Way and SR 9/Alpharetta Highway and will end at the  intersection of Grimes Road and SR 140/Holcomb Bridge Road from 2 p.m., until4 p.m., on Saturday;  and finally

– A Christmas parade will require all lanes to close on SR 14/Main Street between Willingham Drive and Lee Street in College Park from 11 a.m., until 1:30 p.m.

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