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Atlanta partnering with AT&T to become ‘Smart City’

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Atlanta partnering with AT&T to become ‘Smart City’

Atlanta Downtown Connector. Source: Wikimedia commons

Atlanta Downtown Connector. Source: Wikimedia commons

AT&T has announced a new partnership three large cities – including Atlanta – that will turn them into “Smart Cities.”

The first three cities to partner with the telecommunications company are Atlanta, including the Georgia Institute of Technology, Chicago and Dallas. A Smart City would provide residents with real-time updates, like whether a traffic light on their route is malfunctioning, give police officers information about when a gun was fired and how many bullets were used, and allow cities to remotely monitor the conditions of roads and bridges.

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According to a press release, “AT&T* is building a framework to help cities better serve their citizens. We’re using Internet of Things (IoT) innovations to create impactful solutions for cities and forming alliances with technology leaders and industry organizations.”

According to the press release, the Smart City project would enhance …

Infrastructure – Cities are able to remotely monitor the conditions of roads, bridges, buildings, parks and other venues. Maintenance crews can identify slick roadways during freezing weather or detect bridges that may need repairs.

Citizen Engagement – Mobile apps give people information to stay better prepared. For example, you can be notified in near real-time if a traffic light isn’t working on your route. You can also remotely view parking meters and reserve spaces ahead of time.

Transportation – Digital signage lets commuters know in near real-time when the next bus or train will arrive. People can rent electric bikes at stations across the city to reduce traffic.

Public Safety – Cities can better manage traffic patterns of pedestrians at stadiums, parks, and busy intersections. Gun fire detection technology helps law enforcement know where a shooting occurred. It also helps them determine the number of people involved and rounds fired.

In the press release, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said, “Atlanta is a great city and, thanks to our collaboration with AT&T, it will soon be a smarter city. Improving sustainability and increasing public safety are already top priorities for the City of Atlanta. With the integration of AT&T’s Smart City solutions, we will be better positioned to support these initiatives while also enriching the lives of our residents.”

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