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Dear Decaturish – Police should reconsider parking in front of MARTA station

D'ish Decatur

Dear Decaturish – Police should reconsider parking in front of MARTA station

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

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Dear Decaturish,

Hi, my name is Michael Sanders and I am a life long resident of Decatur. I have been a resident since I was in second grade at Glennwood Elementary over 40 years ago. My reason for writing to you is that I have noticed that both the Decatur Police and the MARTA Police routinely park and leave their vehicles in front of the Decatur MARTA station. There have been many instances when the space is completely blocked by two cars with no officer in sight.

The space is intended to be a pick up/drop off area for the station. It is also a frequent pick up/drop off place for people visiting shops around the Square. There have been many times when I’ve gone to pick up or drop off my 16-year-old daughter who works at one of the shops near the station, and I’ve had to block traffic because the pick up/drop off space has one or more city vehicles left unattended.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for these city officials to park either at the area in front of the DeKalb County Court house off of Trinity or the area near Starbucks off of Ponce? Both areas are large enough to park a police car and still not interfere with city or MARTA business.

I am sure this affects more people. Last night while waiting on my daughter to come out of work, another car did a U-turn at the light in front of the Decatur station because there were two unattended Decatur police cars parked in the pick up/drop off space and the only place open was a parking space behind me on the other side of the street (in front of Yogurt Tap).

Not only does this inconvenience the city’s residents, it is a poor reflection on our city when visitors see official vehicles abusing the city’s loading zones.

Thank you for your consideration,

– Michael Sanders

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