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Pallookaville to temporarily close in February

Avondale Estates Food

Pallookaville to temporarily close in February

Pallookaville. File photo
Pallookaville. File photo

Pallookaville. File photo

Pallookaville Fine Foods is going on a little sabbatical.

Owner Jim Stacy told Decaturish the Avondale Estates restaurant will close on Sunday, Jan. 24 and reopen in March after some improvements.

In an email he said, “February is one of our slowest months, and it seems like the perfect time to do some pressing mechanical repairs.”

Stacy said he plans also plans to upgrade the dining room and kitchen.

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“We are very excited to forge on to the next chapter of Pallookaville!” he said.

Stacy went on to say he is looking forward to expanding the Pallookaville vision in 2016 with the new Little 5 Points location, new events, and streamlined operations.

He said, “We will close on Sunday, January 24th at 8 p.m. and see y’all all shiny in March!”

Pallookaville was recently listed for sale. Stacy said the restaurant would continue to operate whether or not a buyer comes along.

Dena Mellick

Dena Mellick is the Associate Editor of Decaturish.com.


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