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Winter weather update: snow

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Winter weather update: snow

Ehmagerd! Snew!
Ehmagerd! Snew!

Ehmagerd! Snew!

It’s snowing, in case you haven’t noticed.

The Atlanta Metro area is covered in a light dusting this morning, Jan. 23.

According to an emergency alert from the City of Atlanta, “Temperatures will still be below freezing in much of the area until noon. Strong sustained winds with strong gusts are a possibility. As you venture outside this morning, please be aware of the strong possibility of black ice on bridges, overpasses, streets, and sidewalks.”

The Decatur Recreation Center closed on Friday and classes scheduled for Jan. 23 have been cancelled.

“Bridges and overpasses will be susceptible to ice and freezing conditions before roadways.  We may have patchy ice in locations throughout the city,” a message posted on the city’s Decatur Minute blog says. “We encourage you to stay in place for this evening and tomorrow morning. Saturday we expect high winds and with the rain-soaked ground, there is the potential for downed trees.”

There’s a winter weather advisory in effect until 1 p.m. Saturday, the National Weather Service says, and a wind advisory in effect until 7 p.m.

So how are you doing out there? Send us your pictures – please don’t do anything unsafe or foolish to get them – by emailing them to editor@decaturish.com. Please send captions, including names, if possible. Local businesses that want to let customers know if they’re open can let us know via email or in the comments section.

Stay warm. Be safe.

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