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New Orleans SnoBall Cafe leaving and Mellow Mushroom is taking over

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New Orleans SnoBall Cafe leaving and Mellow Mushroom is taking over

Photo obtained via https://www.facebook.com/NOLASnoBallCafe/

Photo obtained via https://www.facebook.com/NOLASnoBallCafe/

This story has been updated. 

New Orleans SnoBall Cafe has announced it is being forced out of its downtown Decatur location because the landlord is making room for a Mellow Mushroom pizza restaurant.

The dessert shop is closing sometime in April. SnoBall has been open in Decatur for seven years.

Mellow Mushroom was forced out of its previous Decatur location in 2014 after a dispute with the company’s corporate office. Another pizza restaurant, DaVinci’s Pizzeria, opened in Mellow Mushroom’s old location in 2015.

It’s unclear if the Mellow Mushroom moving into 340 West Ponce de Leon Avenue will have the same owners.

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Assistant City Manager Lyn Menne promised to reach out to the owners of New Orleans SnoBall Cafe.

“If SnoBall is leaving their space we’ll reach out to them and see if we can find them another one,” Menne said.

Jared Scanlon, co-owner New Orleans SnoBall, told Decaturish the company is moving its operations to Stone Mountain Village in April.

“We look forward to seeing everyone in Stone Mountain! Our intentions are to come back to Decatur in the future,” Scanlon said. “We have a great business and thousands of supporters. We make the city of Decatur’s very own hand-crafted popcorn which can be found in the visitor center.”

Victoria Sanders, Scanlon’s business partner, said she doesn’t fault the landlord for wanting a tenant who will be more stable than the prior tenants in that space. She said the wall separating the Decatur’s location wasn’t originally there and will be knocked down when Mellow Mushroom moves in.

“Our landlord has had four restaurants in there in six years,” Sanders says. “Why would you deal with somebody coming and going if you can get a corporation to come in take the whole thing?”

She said she’s been on the lookout for other spots in Decatur, but the rents a pricey. Sanders said she had looked at the space that previously rented by Sawicki’s, which closed its doors in February.

“We love downtown Decatur but we have to have a good spot and we have to have small rent,” she said. “Sawicki’s is leaving. Their rent is like 5,000 a month.”

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