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Gov. Deal signs Stonecrest cityhood bill

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Gov. Deal signs Stonecrest cityhood bill

From: http://www.stonecrestcityalliance.com/
From: http://www.stonecrestcityalliance.com/

From: http://www.stonecrestcityalliance.com/

The Stonecrest City Alliance reports that Gov. Nathan Deal has signed a bill allowing for a referendum on whether to create a new city in DeKalb County.

Stonecrest would have a population of about 50,000 people.

The referendum would be this November, the Alliance says.

“This is what we’ve been fighting for these past three years,” the Alliance said in an email to supporters. “And we will continue to fight for the future citizens of Stonecrest City. Stay engaged!”

A feasibility study for the proposed city predicted that Stonecrest would generate a $2 million tax surplus every year. The city’s annual expenses would be $7.9 million. The city will provide Zoning, Parks and Recreation, and Code Enforcement services to start. A police department was considered but was dismissed due to the expense, meaning the city will remain in the DeKalb County Police jurisdiction.

For an FAQ on the proposed city, click here.

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