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(LIVE) May 24 primary election results

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(LIVE) May 24 primary election results

File Photo courtesy of Dena Mellick
File Photo courtesy of Dena Mellick

File Photo courtesy of Dena Mellick

The polls in the May 24 primary elections closed at 7 p.m.

Several key races were on the ballot this year, including seats on the DeKalb County Commission and in the state Legislature.

A potential upset was averted in the DeKalb County Commission District 4 race. Incumbent Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton trailed Steve Bradshaw, but neither had enough votes to win outright, which means there will be a runoff in July. Meanwhile, District 6 Commissioner Kathie Gannon and state Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver have won their primaries. Incumbent state Rep. Rahn Mayo has lost his seat to Democratic challenger Renitta Shannon. Michael Thurmond appears to be a lock to be the Democratic nominee for county CEO.

Unless otherwise noted, the following results are for the Democratic primary elections.

ELECTION RESULTS AS OF 11:16 P.M. with all precincts counted. 

House District 82       No. of precincts reporting 14 of 14

Mary Margaret Oliver       Percentage:  74.81       Votes: 2106

Brian Westlake                 Percentage:  25.19       Votes: 709

House District 84             No. of precincts reporting 19 of 19

Rhan Mayo (Incumbent)  Percentage: 44.23        Votes: 2176

Renitta Shannon                 Percentage: 55.77       Votes: 2744

DeKalb County District Attorney       No. of precincts reporting 192 of 192 

Sherry Boston                    Percentage:  61.98      Votes: 33646

Robert James                     Percentage:  38.02     Votes: 20639

Sheriff      No. of precincts reporting 192 of 192

Geraldine Champion             Percentage: 17.17       Votes: 9139

Ted Golden                           Percentage: 8.10      Votes: 4312

Kyle Keith Jones                   Percentage:  9.14      Votes: 4862

Jeffrey Mann (Incumbent)    Percentage:  56.04      Votes: 29823

Michael Williams                  Percentage:  9.56       Votes: 5086

Tax Commissioner     No. of precincts reporting 192 of 192

Irvin Johnson        Percentage:  39.51      Votes: 20874

Susannah Scott     Percentage:  33.79      Votes:  17851

Stan Watson          Percentage: 26.70      Votes: 14108

Solicitor             No. of precincts reporting 192 of 192

Donna Coleman-Stribling        Percentage: 53.90   Votes: 26925

Nicole Goldman                         Percentage: 46.10  Votes: 23031

County CEO      No. of precincts reporting 192 of 192

Joe Bembry                 Percentage: 2.48      Votes: 1368

Connie Stokes             Percentage:  25.69      Votes: 14159

Michael Thurmond       Percentage:  71.83       Votes: 39591

County Commission District 4            No. of precincts reporting 38 of 38

Sharon Barnes Sutton (Incumbent)    Percentage: 43.42      Votes: 4712

Steve Bradshaw                                   Percentage:  48.40      Votes: 5253

Lance Lawyer Hammonds                  Percentage: 8.18      Votes: 888

County Commission District 6      No. of precincts reporting 98 of 98

Kathie Gannon (Incumbent)     Percentage:  80.72       Votes: 17414

Warren Mosby                          Percentage: 19.28      Votes: 4160

State Court Judge (Nonpartisan)   No. of precincts reporting 192 of 192

Roderick Bridges               Percentage: 37.02     Votes: 22503

Dax Lopez (Incumbent)     Percentage: 62.86       Votes: 38206

ESPLOST (Renewal of one percent sales tax for education)  No. of precincts reporting 192 of 192

Yes     Percentage: 71.36        Votes: 48368

No      Percentage:  28.64    Votes: 19409

Reader Chris Billingsley voted at Decatur Heights at 6:30 p.m. and sent in this photo. He said, “Fairly large crowd at Decatur Heights. When I received my voting card, all terminals except one were in use. Noticed a few improvements. Out in the hallway, at several locations, were  clipboards, pens and the form voters must fill out. This kept a large crowd from forming at the door.  Another change was that no one asked me, ‘Are you sure you want a Republican ballot?’ I guess my complaint to the Secretary of State was worth it.”


Photo submitted by Chris Billingsley