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Video production studio opening in Oakhurst

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Video production studio opening in Oakhurst

Photo obtained via https://www.facebook.com/trovestudio.net/

Photo obtained via https://www.facebook.com/trovestudio.net/

A video production company, Trove Studio, will soon open in the historic Scottish Rite building in Oakhurst.

The company’s creative director is Ben Wade said in a press release, “This isn’t work for me. This is something I love, something I’ve done for over a decade and something I’ll continue to do for several more. If I can help others realize their vision—be it for a commercial, short story, or music video—at a cheaper cost to them, that’s an added perk to something I’m already passionate about.”

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The company says its clients include the city of Atlanta, Nationwide Mutual Insurance, Northpoint Community Church and Serenbe Playhouse.

“Customers can look forward to services such as: filming, editing, screenwriting, color correction, audio mastering and sound design as well as producing and directing; all without the need of ad agencies or marketing firms,” the company’s press release says.

The official opening date is June 1.

Here’s a promotional video showcasing some of the company’s work:


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