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Editor’s note: Taking a week off

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Editor’s note: Taking a week off

Artwork by Sharna Fulton
Artwork by Sharna Fulton

Artwork by Sharna Fulton

Starting the evening of June 27, Decaturish editor and publisher Dan Whisenhunt (that’d be me) will be on vacation until the evening of July 5.

While there is no optimal time to take a break when you’re running your own business, this seemed like a better time than most. Many readers and local officials are on vacation themselves. There will be some freelance stories posted this week, but I will not be publishing at my usual pace. Of course, if a major story breaks, I’ll make sure it gets covered. I’ll still be paying attention.

I’ll be checking emails at editor@decaturish.com. I’ll be moderating comments when I have the time. We have big plans in the works for the next six months and I plan to hit the ground running when I return on July 5.

I plan to get plenty of rest until then. Thanks for reading Decaturish and for understanding. See you next week.

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