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Fund established for Decatur murder victim’s family

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Fund established for Decatur murder victim’s family

Gerard Foster. Source: Go Fund Me
Gerard Foster. Source: Go Fund Me

Gerard Foster. Source: Go Fund Me

This story has been updated. 

A concerned citizen in Decatur has established a fund to support the family of Gerard Foster, who was murdered on July 6 at Allen Wilson Apartments in Decatur.

Foster, 52, was shot while taking his wife to work. He left behind seven children and two grandchildren, according to his obituary.

According to the Go Fund me account, “Gerard was married just over a year to an established City of Decatur resident and mother to two CSD students. During this time of grief for the family this campaign has been created to express condolences, show support and help in a small way to defer costs associated with this tragedy.”

To visit the Go Fund Me account, click here.

Three suspects have been arrested in connection with Foster’s death. The motive for the crime is not yet known.

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