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Housing trends on Beltline difficult to track, experts say

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Housing trends on Beltline difficult to track, experts say

Photo provided by Atlanta INtown.
Photo provided by Atlanta INtown.

Photo provided by Atlanta INtown.

By Mary Margaret Stewart, contributor 

Atlanta’s BeltLine touches 45 neighborhoods, each area experiencing different levels of investment.

That makes housing trends along the Beltline difficult to track, according to local realtors.

Jon Effron, Associate Broker with Keller Williams in Atlanta, said that the majority of people know the Beltline as Inman to Piedmont Park, since it was paved in 2013, but emphasizes that “southwest Atlanta is not the Virginia Highlands.”

He’s noticed that “the majority of people gravitate towards the happy Old Fourth Ward-Inman Park area,” but said that locals aren’t familiar with the less popular areas, encouraging people to take the Beltline’s bus tour to learn more about Atlanta’s variety of houses.

Derrick Duckworth, real estate agent with “The Beltline Team” of Area West Realty, said it’s impossible to put the average home value of the Beltline into one number or trend.

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