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Trail project could link Brookhaven to the Beltline

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Trail project could link Brookhaven to the Beltline

Photo obtained via http://www.peachtreecreek.org/

Photo obtained via http://www.peachtreecreek.org/

By Mary Margaret Stewart, contributor 

For the past three years, an advocacy group has been urging Brookhaven’s government to help develop “a multipurpose linear park along the North Fork of Peachtree Creek.”

Brookhaven’s 2.7-mile trail would be a part of the proposed Peachtree Creek Greenway.

Chamblee, DeKalb County and Doraville are also part of the Greenway planning process. If the Greenway is completed, it will be more 12 miles of continuous trail, including Brookhaven’s portion, that will have a connection to the Beltline.

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